AB-001 or 1-pentyl-3-(1-adamantoyl)indole is a designer drug that was found as an ingredient in synthetic cannabis smoking blends in Ireland in 2010 and Hungary and Germany in 2011. It is unclear who AB-001 was originally developed by, but it is structurally related to compounds such as AM-1248 and its corresponding 1-(tetrahydropyran-4-ylmethyl) analogue, which are known to be potent cannabinoid agonists with moderate to high selectivity for CB2 over CB1. The first published synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of it revealed that it acts as a full agonist at CB1 (EC50 = 35 nM) and CB2 receptors (EC50 = 48 nM).[6] However, It was found to possess only weak cannabimimetic effects in rats at doses up to 30 mg/kg, making it less potent than the carboxamide analogue APICA, which possesses potent cannabimimetic activity at doses of 3 mg/kg

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AB-001 is also known by its systematic name of 1-pentyl-3-(adamant-1-oyl)indole. It has a CAS number of 1345973-49-0, a PubChem Identifier of CID 57404070, and a ChemSpider Identifier of 26286891. Its chemical formula is C24H31NO. It has a mass of 349.509 and a polar surface area of 22. Its composition is 82.47 percent Carbon, 8.94 percent Hydrogen, 4.01 percent Nitrogen, and 4.58 percent Oxygen. AB-001 has an atom count of 57, a bond count of 61, and a cyclomatic number of 5. There is a chain atom count of 5, a chain bond count of 8, an asymmetric atom count of zero, and a rotatable bond count of 6.


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